Friday, January 13, 2012

Bob Larson Fooled By Actor

Bob Larson, pastor and founder of Spiritual Freedom Church, and former host of "Talk Back with Bob Larson" always amazes me with the things he says and does. His antics and "training" of others to do what Bob does has even earned him the nickname "McExorcist". By now it should be clear that I refute his claim to be an exorcist since he cannot receive Holy Orders. Some have said that he can claim to be an exorcist based on his actually engaging in the Fundamentalist farce known as "deliverance ministry", which is to real exorcism what falling off a mountain is to professional skiing. To demonstrate this fact I want to share a video of Bob Larson performing one of his "exorcisms". The person who is the subject of Larson's sad demonstration is an actor. View this entry on him before watching the video:

Now that you know who he is, guess who apparently had no idea. That's right. Bob Larson. In a recent interview Larson was asked "So there is no way an actor could fool you?" And here is Larson's answer:

"I would know in a short period of time. I've had people try to fool me. For sick reasons, or just for curiosity, to see if they could. First of all, I am not going to do this in most cases unless I have profiled the person's history, and I have checked into their background. We don't take random people off the streets. And say, "Oh, we're going to do an exorcism." There is some factuality there. Secondly, you spend a fair amount of time on an exorcism. You don't just jump in, throwing around a bunch of holy water. And waving a cross. You ask a lot of questions. Anyone who is pretending wouldn't get very far, after a couple of hours of questioning." Complete Interview Here

Really? It appears that Larson's history speaks differently.

As the video demonstrates, Larson does not apply any of the historic tests or examinations of a valid exorcism. Of course, as he is not a valid exorcist and does not possess Holy Orders,and has not been mentored by a valid priest-exorcist he wouldn't know what these tests are.  On a very basic level discernment is required for one to be a "real" exorcist. After viewing this I leave it up to my readers to determine if Bob Larson possesses that very basic spiritual gift. He certainly appears to have been fooled by an actor to me. What about you?


  1. That was not the first, nor the last time McExorcist couldn't distinguish between an actual possession and someone acting out. The Paranormal Preacher D.G. Motal has a series of audios on Bob Larson's inability to discern ( The three part " Interview With the Victim of a Vampire", the " Bob Larson Vs. Spiderman" and the three parter " Emily Rose" where the woman openly said she faked being possessed on a " The Real Exorcist" TV episode.) plus one Inside Edition piece where a guy was " forced" by Larson to hand over his Bible to McExorcist.

    You forgot to mention some years ago he was caught doing repeat exorcisms on the same woman in different appearances, His excuse was to refer to it as " progressive deliverance".

    I should add that Larson's form of "exorcism" is a Protestant branch called Deliverance Ministry, which ( as I understand it) stated around 1973 with the book " Pigs in the Parlor" and it grew with the deluded fraud " Dr. Rebecca Brown's' two evangelical books about demons being all around us. Larson when he started the "real exorcist" scam used to claim that the "Vatican exorcist" gave his seal of approval, so to speak, for Larson's "exorcism" methods. My opinion is that Larson mislead the priest and used the reference to con Catholics who think they have demons or have curses but haven't convinced their priests,so they turn to Larson.

    As for his claim of being a "certified" exorcist, some of that is his usual posturing but he has added to his scam of claiming he can " certify" exorcists in his " School" and " Spiritual Freedom Church" ( an oxymoron, BTW). Just like his mail order ministerial degree where he can call himself "reverend" while still being a party college drop-out, his so-called certification is more along the lines of selling the Brookyn Bridge than any actual accreditation.

    It is clear even to me that Larson cannot distinguish between an actual possession and someone acting out, nor does he wish to care so long as the attention and the money comes to him. Motal speculated that Larson uses a form of stage hypnosis for about an hour before the "exorcism" while he is going around trying to get donations from the audience.

    His so-called " exorcism" of Necrobutcher ( vid of this can be found online) went flat and I found it personally amusing how Larson tried to provoke Necrobutcher even to the lame point of putting his " Cross of Deliverance (TM)" prop on the guy's forehead. I don't know Norwegian ( or whatever specific language that is) and I haven't found an English translation of the comments of Necrobutcher and the TV host yet.

    And yes McExorcist is a good name for him.

  2. As for his claim of doing a complete interview to find out if the person is faking or not, he's flat out lying. What Larson does in his non-conference "exorcisms" is he gets the person to fill out a questionnaire ( apparently 16 or more pages) then if he's going to film the so-called exorcism, he will do a rush in after his staff preps the victim, does his act and rushes out after he gets what he wants. Gabby in Motal's " Interview With the Victim of a Vampire" reveals how callous Larson is.

    AFAIK, the only time Larson ever actually devotes significant time to a person is when he's being paid $495 per hour or a "personal encounter" or when the media cameras are rolling, as in the cases of Necorbutcher and Jon Safran. For those who can't afford his fee, his DWJD teams try to sell his merchandise to them rather than actually minister to them gratis. I've had a few people tell me this, some I am sworn to confidentiality as to their identities.

    In essence he spends time to exploit, not to actually minister, and leaves the damage for others to deal with.

  3. Larson NEVER made himself look like a "Priest" but it is now part of his marketing SCAM. I have done business with him, and he is a LIAR. He married his "trophy wife" who was his secretary when the "Christain Bob" was married to his first wife. Ooops...Bob would be upset if the world knew this

  4. Actually he has taken to wearing clerical collar in order to legitimize his act. You must be a bit behind on his antics. And the world already knows of his marriage to his secretary. That's been out for a long time now.

  5. We would never know the truth if he is or isn't lying but you cannot tell me all 50 000 exorcisms were faked I don't think it is up to us to judge he doesn claim to be jesus and that's what the bible warns us about, y hate the guy when his helping out Americans

  6. Firstly, where do you get the idea he has done even one exorcism, let alone 50,000? The point is he hasn't performed a single legitimate exorcism PERIOD. And this isn't about hate. It is about truth versus falsehood. Go read Ephesians 5:11 and get back to me.

  7. I concur with Fr. Jack Ashcraft. This man is a total fraud. The Exorcisms that I have worked on involved some very powerful entities~~BAAL, The Destroyer, Molach & Ashtaroth as well as others. It can take months for the Exorcism to properly work especially on the ultra powerful entities. Rev. Brad Luoma

    1. do u cast out demons in jesus name?

  8. I assume your question is directed at me "anonymous". The answer is, of course I do. There is no other Name whereby men can be saved or delivered from demonic attack.

  9. I'm the Rebecca/Catherine that was on talk back many years ago... And I feel like he use

  10. Larson used me in books without my permission!!! I was Rebecca/Catherine ... It's been 20+ years ago!!!

  11. I remember you, Rebecca. You made quite a lot of money for Larson back in the day, I'm sure. Feel free to share your experiences with him here.

  12. The State of Oklahoma needs a little help casting out an ACLU Antichristian Monument that a New York Satanic Temple wants to be placed at the State Capitol. Because Okla. has a 10 Commandments Monument at the Capitol the ACLU is proposing the Abomination Monument be allowed.