Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nibiru: Fact or Fiction?

I received an email asking my opinion of the Nibiru scare. I honestly hadn't looked into the topic before now, regarding it as nothing more than yet another silly doomsday claim issuing forth from the New Age Movement. It appears I wasn't far off in my suspicions.

The basic claim is that a planet, called variously Planet X or Nibiru, will collide with the earth. The origin of the claims for Nibiru do not come from science, but rather from a woman who claims to be an alien contactee. (see my article on UFO's in Intrepid Magazine for my take on this phenomena) In 1995 Nancy Lieder claimed she received information from aliens in the Zeta Reticuli system that Nibiru would pass through our solar system in May 2003 triggering earth changes, the destruction of most life on the planet, and a pole shift. Obviously this didn't come to pass, so like most would-be prophets, she just changed the date. Her dubious claims were picked up by other doomsday New Agers from the believers in the Zecharia Sitchin silliness.

Proponents claim that NASA is hiding evidence of Nibiru in order not to panic the populace, while at the same time building underground facilities for the survival of government officials and those wealthy enough to afford to secure space in such a facility.

The problem is there is literally zero evidence for the Nibiru claims. It is all the working of occult influenced New Agers. The shame of it all is that even Christians are being swayed by the Nibiru myth. When we consider the sources and origin of the myth itself are either scam artists, creative fiction writers, or New Agers in communication with demons rather than aliens from another planet, we can only marvel at the ignorance of those Christians who embrace this lie. If you want prophecy that has proven correct in every case, stick with Sacred Scripture, not the prognostications of New Age channelers and UFO contactees.


  1. Great :) they got served!

  2. What about the libraries of data to the contrary compiled by Zecharia Sitchin and √črich Von Daniken? Surely you cannot debunk this without debunking them as well. Nancy Leider was a crock pot. But These men were scholars and dedicated their lives to uncovering the truth.. to speak for many is foolish. Let them judge for themselves. Its in the reference section 0.001 - 0.125 whole shelves full.. Nancy leider phht.. that's your counter claim?! Educate yourself friends.

  3. If you get blown up by aliens, don't come complaining to me. LOL