Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moral Arguments for God

The best explanation of objective moral values and duties is the existence of God. Most atheists recognize that some things, such as the Holocaust, are objectively evil. However, if atheism is true, this cannot be said, as no moral position can be objective, but at best the subjective consent of the will of a person or people group. If man is nothing more than the product of nature, then what basis is there for the objectivity of the moral values we affirm? Evolution? Social conditioning? These factors may at best produce in us the subjective feeling that there are moral values and duties, but they do nothing to provide a basis for them. Let us not forget that it is the evolutionary model that gave rise to such things as racial eugenics, and it was the Darwinian view of humanity that permitted the National Socialist scientific establishment to bypass normative objective morality and ethics, since they were looked upon by the National Socialist state as coming from a theocentric model and therefore antithetical to the natural rights of man and the survival of the fittest. If there are no moral absolutes, if everything is relative, then genocide, pedophilia, rape, etc. cannot be said to be objective evils. By contrast, God Himself serves as the paradigm of goodness, and His commandments constitute the moral duties and dignities of humanity. They are inherent to man as part and parcel of his created self. Thus, theism provides a better explanation of objective moral values and duties.

Moral laws point to a moral law-giver.

There cannot be any such concept as morality without God. Nature, the animals of the wild, insects, etc. has no concept of morality, nor does it operate by moral law. If, as the atheist would have it, we are merely products of nature, then we cannot say there are objective evils such as genocide and pedophilia. Dostoyevsky said, “If there is no God, then everything is permissible.” That there are moral laws, then, that not everything is permissible, is an evidence that God exists.

Some facts are facts about the way that the world is. It is a fact that Paris is the capital of France because there exists a city called Paris that is the capital of France. For most facts, there are objects in the world that make them true. Moral facts aren’t like that. The fact that we ought to do something about the problem of famine isn’t a fact about the way that the world is, it’s a fact about the way that the world should be. There is nothing out there in the physical world that makes moral facts true. This is because moral facts aren’t descriptive, they’re prescriptive; moral facts have the form of internal commands to the conscience. If we acknowledge that some things cannot exist without something else existing with them, then we are closer to understanding the relationship of morality to the existence of God. For example, without oxygen, water cannot exist. Likewise, without hydrogen, water could not exist. The elements are interdependent to create water. Likewise, the internal commands of the conscience cannot exist without something or someone giving these commands and thus creating objective morality. Since moral facts are internal commands of the conscience, then we must ask who commanded them? Morality is of over-riding importance. If someone morally ought to do something, then this over-rules any other consideration that might come into play. It might be in my best interests not to give any money to charity, but morally I should, so all things considered I should do so. If someone has one reason to do one thing, but morally should do another thing, then all things considered they should do the other thing. Morality overrules everything. Morality has ultimate authority. This very fact defies an evolutionary answer, as it does nothing to satisfy the demands of personal survival or comfort. Commands, though, are only as authoritative as the person that commands them. If I were to command everyone to pay extra tax so that we could spend more money on the police force, then no one would have to do so. I just don’t have the authority to issue that command. If the government were to command everyone to pay extra tax so that we could spend more money on the police force, though, then that would be different, because it does have that authority. As morality has more authority than any human
person or institution, morality can’t have been commanded by any human person or institution. As morality has ultimate authority, as morality over-rules everything, morality must have been commanded by someone who has authority over everything. The existence of morality thus points us to a being that is greater than any of us and that rules over all creation.

Morality proves the existence of an author of morality, of a being that has authority over and that actively rules over all creation. Together with the ontological argument, the first cause argument, and the argument for design, this would give us proof that there is a perfect, necessary, and eternal being that created the universe with life in mind and has the authority to tell us how we are to live it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A Cultural Analysis

The basis upon which evil is able to work in our world is rarely the ugly truth of evil itself, but rather, evil uses the will to do good as a foundation upon which it builds its edifice and abuses the very will to do good. Such is the lesson behind the film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. In the film we are introduced to the young boy Bruno, an innocent child growing up in a very unfortunate circumstance- Nazi Germany. Like most boys he looks up to his father and would be hard pressed to believe evil of him. And to look upon Ralf (Bruno's father) as if he were pure evil is both problematic and unfair. Ralf is a man of principle, pride, ethic and duty. He loves his country, serves it proudly and is a model soldier. He explains to Bruno, “Look, the thing is, Bruno, the thing about being a soldier, is that life is not so much about choice, it's more about duty, so if your country needs you to go somewhere, you go.”
In the United States we too have always fostered such nationalism, such zeal for the defense of our nation. Patriotism is not an evil in and of itself, but can certainly be distorted and abused by the forces of evil for nefarious ends. Much like Nazi Germany and their internment of Jews and other “undesirables”, the extreme nationalism of the American government during World War II also led us to intern the Japanese and many Germans, most of whom were just as loyal and just as patriotic as the men fighting oversees. Again, evil is always founded upon a perceived good.
When Bruno is curious about the people on what he thinks is a farm (in reality a concentration camp), Ralf tells his son, All you need to know about my work here, Bruno, is that it's very important to our country and to you. We're working very hard to make this world a better place for you to grow up in.” Implicit in his reply are two things. First, he states his firm belief that doing his duty at the camp will make his country a better place for his child. In this particular comment we can easily see the will to do good in his desire to make a better place for his children to grow up and live in. There is nothing evil in such a desire. However, evil has abused Ralf's will to do good by making the work he does a condition of that desire. This brings me to my second point, which is that, implicit in his first words in response to his son's curiosity is the fact that he realizes there is an evil from which he seeks to protect his child. Ralf is a man of conscience, but at war even within himself and avoiding the obvious issues his work raises. He is a man ensnared by evil in his sincere desire to do good.

Contemporary Comparisons

We face similar situations today, though perhaps not to the same degree. Our world today is increasingly Progressive, liberal, and we witness an encroaching police state right here in the United States. Since the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001 our government has enacted a variety of legislation under the auspices of the Patriot Act. At first presented as a desire to protect Americans from further acts of terror (a good), it has grown to such proportions that the individual freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution and the rights provided for in the Bill of Rights are under constant fire and some have been effectively annulled. For example, the government now controls how much money you can transfer from bank account to bank account, the government searches us as if we are all criminals at airports, the government is now able to wiretap your phones without warrant, collect personal information and store email and text messages, log in to your computer and watch you on your camera without your knowledge, hold you indefinitely without charges or presenting cause in a court of law, and even assassinate you (if you are perceived as a traitor and "enemy combatant") on the word of the president and his advisers alone, completely ignoring the right to a trial afforded even traitors. It can fairly be said that the will to do good has been turned to evil, and we are witnessing the erection of a potential fascist state. Christians today are often vilified by the forces of the Left, and even in government counter-terrorism training manuals have been referred to as “terrorists”.

Like Bruno, we often find ourselves blind to evil at work behind the scenes. And once we awaken to the reality of the situation we can be confused by the apparent dichotomy. Bruno is told of the Jews in the camps, “They're not in there because they're good, silly. They're no good at anything. They're in there because they're evil. They're the enemy.”

The Solution to the Problem of Evil

With such messages being promoted today about Christians and those who fight to preserve a Constitutional Republic, the choices Bruno and Ralf faced have reared their ugly heads again. Confronting evil and recognizing its disguises is never easy. As Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) wrote, “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” (The Gulag Archipelago) Indeed, for fallen humanity the seemingly dualistic war within manifests in the external world of politics, society, culture, and sadly war. The only way to make sense of this struggle is to embrace the absolute good- God. Only in the truth of the transcendent and Absolute Fount of Truth can the ability to discern good from evil be found, not to mention the highest good for humanity as a whole. Only in this Source is objective and nondiscriminatory good understood and given expression. May we each face honestly the Ralf within us all, and having done so on God's terms, seek out His highest good for ourselves and our fellow man.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Notes on Exorcism

1. When you minister to a person experiencing demonic activity, you will almost always encounter a variety of elements that may be keys in keeping the person in spiritual turmoil. There are often unresolved hurts, spiritual issues, etc. that need to be addressed. Balanced pastoral counseling involves much more than simply praying the ritual of exorcism.

2. The first step in preternatural counseling is investigation of all claims. What we do in this process is determine whether the person is really in need of exorcism on either a personal or property level, or if there are other plausible reasons for the perceived phenomenon. This is a vital step that saves a lot of time and helps ensure that the clients physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs are met. If you enter into a case with the preconceived notion that the person is in need of exorcism you may add very dangerous imagery to potential psychological issues which may be the real cause. You also leave yourself open to litigation and can waste precious time and resources. Before a person is permitted to even undergo exorcism, they must meet the following requirements:

a. They must be a Christian- If they are not, then it is extremely difficult to exorcize a demonic entity. How can there be an effective exorcism without the confession forgiveness of sins, or without the baptism and confirmation of Christ's Church? It is vital that the person be baptized, confirmed, and make a confession before you can effectively pray the ritual of exorcism on their behalf. Exorcism is geared towards the Church
Militant (Christians faithful to the historic Catholic faith).

b. They must be willing to give up all areas of sin- Example: If a client enjoys pornography and is unwilling to give it up, then it will be nearly impossible to cast out a demon that may be oppressing them with obsessive thoughts and diabolic temptation regarding sexual perversions without it coming right back. Please understand that it is possible to enjoy pornography or feel attracted to it, and yet be willing to let go of it at the same time. They must be willing to destroy these strongholds in order to receive and maintain their freedom the demonic. Furthermore, and this is very important; they must be willing to communicate about their past openly with you as their exorcist. It is important that you, as an exorcist, are aware of the areas of sin in their life, and the underlying roots of those sins. If they choose to hide something from you, it may very well keep you from being able to effectively exorcize the demonic entity.

3. They must be willing to convert to the Faith and enter the life of the Church Militant- This often involves taking catechism lessons, being baptized, confirmed, making confession, receiving the Sacraments, reading the writings of the Church Fathers and Saints, and daily Sacred Scripture reading and prayer. Doing this is vital to the tearing down of strongholds. They must be serious enough about their relationship with Christ, that they take His Church seriously. Counseling individuals who are not established in the Faith can be more time consuming and burdensome. It is much easier to counsel an individual who is strongly connected to the Church. However, in some cases, having this luxury is not possible, as by the time many desperate individuals come to us, there is little time to do everything we might like. - Excerpted from Ecclesiae Militantis, by Fr.Jack Ashcraft (Available on Amazon)

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Absurd World of Demonology

Does that title surprise you coming as it does from a priest who is an exorcist? It shouldn't. You see, the paranormal subculture, a vast wasteland of disinformation, mythology, and New Age claptrap, is literally filled with self proclaimed "demonologists". Usually this boils down to the person having read a book or two by Ed and Lorraine Warren, dabbled in some occultism, and watched/participated in some "ghost hunts". Some of these demonologists are better read than others, and so present a less obvious ignorance of the theology and methodology of exorcism than others. 

But still...

Recently one such demonologist, Chris Fleming, took umbrage at my scoffing at what he and his cohorts refer to as "Imps". Yes-imps. Those sprightly little creatures of German mythology, sometimes called "lesser demons" in folklore, and sometimes noted for actually being good. They're similar to their cousins the fairies (and I'm sure these paranormal types have a place for fairies in their oddball mix of theology and mythology), in that they are often wild, unpredictable, and well known in folklore for pulling harmless pranks and stealing babies. It is these very same creatures that Fleming insists are real.

Now, as both a theologian and exorcist I addressed this as is in accord with both. I noted that the forms demonic entities take are not what is important, as these are often done to confuse, frighten, mislead and cause misinformation to spread about them. All the better to go about their nefarious deeds. And in pointing this out, I stated that Imps are mythological, while demons are not.

This wasn't good enough for Fleming. He responded with a string of subjective claims regarding personal experiences (which may have occurred, but are unverifiable), and the usual subtle slights on my experience, ending with the following comment:

"THEY told me they were called and I have recordings of such name. So while you may say it is only mythology, the spirit world IS CALLING THEM IMPS. So shall I." (emphasis his own)

I responded by explaining what I've already said in this post, that the form is unimportant and gave him the reasons for various forms. I also noted that demons also masquerade as the spirits of dead relatives. Should we accept what they say at face value? They also claim to be gods. Should we embrace their deity? To accept what a demons says as truth so easily is to fall into the deceptive trap they set. Of course, anything coming from the paranormal world I view with a heavy dose of skepticism already. And after viewing Fleming's website I am vindicated in my caution. In it we read the following:

"After several years of encounters, Chris befriended a spirit who introduced himself as Henry. This spirit would warn Chris about other ghosts and entities, as well as tell him things about the spirit world and universe.  Chris conversed with Henry on the Ouija board from 1975-1979 before Henry moved on, but one particular conversation stands out in Chris’s memory to this day: One afternoon Chris, who had recently seen the movie Close Encounters, asked Henry if there is life elsewhere in our solar system. Henry answered “Europa,” and when Chris asked what type of life is on Europa, the spirit responded, “Plant and bacteria.” Twenty years later, Chris was folding laundry and listening to CNN in the background when he heard something in the broadcast that caught his attention: a reporter was announcing that scientists now believe there may be plant or bacteria life on the sixth moon of Jupiter, a moon called Europa."

Ummm. Ok. So speaking from an orthodox Christian theological point of view (as I must), Fleming befriended a demon under the name "Henry" with whom he conversed using a Ouija Board (notorious for creating doorways for the demonic), and if you read his full bio, he continued to contact demons; and yet somehow I am to trust his knowledge and wisdom regarding the demonic is accurate? Oh, and did I mention he is a self described medium and channeler?

Sorry, but no cigar.

If someone came to the Church citing the things Fleming has experienced and done, the person would certainly be considered a prime candidate for demonic obsession. I'm not saying that Fleming is. It is just to demonstrate how the Church would respond to these claims and experiences.Demonic deception is nowhere more powerful than with those who open themselves up to such diabolic influences, and then pass on the misinformation gleaned from those influences.

I'm sure Tolkien would find the world of demonology amusing. What next? Orcs, Trolls, Hobbits and Sauron?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bob Larson: Skype Stupidity

Just when you think Bob Larson can't get any more ridiculous, his Skype exorcism antics are proof that the foremost representative of fringe evangelicalism can always do something more blatantly farcical. Take a look at the following links:

Larson's Skype Exorcism Scam

My Skype Exorcism

Such actions on the part of Larson demonstrate his lack of solid theological education, lack of any understanding of the theology and  methodology of exorcism, a complete lack of accountability, and an example of what I suspect really motivates him-the cash these people pay for such ludicrous sessions.
As I've pointed out before, Larson isn't an exorcist, he isn't a priest (as I understand it he is a mail order minister), and he isn't someone who can help people. He can dress up in his costume all he wants. Costumes don't change character, and godly character is what Larson lacks. Buyers beware!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Ham vs. Nye: Why It Does Matter

Following the much publicized debate between Ken Ham of Answers In Genesis and popular television host and scientist Bill Nye, there has been much said in the Christian world about the pros and cons of the debate. Most disturbing, in my opinion, are the overwhelming comments floating around actually condemning Ken Ham and his viewpoint. Now while I certainly don't think Ham was equipped to debate Nye, I won't go so far as to condemn him for his attempt. I do however wonder why Answers In Genesis, which boasts quite an impressive staff of scientists who are very qualified and far better equipped to debate Nye, did not choose one of these astute scientists. Whatever the reasons, Ham took center stage for the organization. Unlike most of those I've encountered who offer their opinion, I did watch the debate. While Ham certainly did not do a stellar job of presenting a scientific case, he did make some good points that his critics seem to ignore, or because they didn't watch the debate are simply ignorant of. I won't go into them here, since my focus is to be on what I find disturbing in the Christian reaction to the debate rather than the content of the debate itself.

The vast majority of Christians I've seen respond are those who believe in "Old Earth Creationism", which is really a step away from Theistic Evolution. They're angry that they're looked upon with the assumption that they too must be Young Earth Creationists, as if said position was somehow beneath them. The subtle (and in some cases not so subtle) implication of these Old Earther comments is that they are embarrassed by Young Earthers, and don't want to be seen as so obviously stupid as to believe in something as mind numbingly ignorant as a young earth. Indeed, they have friends who are non-Christians and Evolutionists, and they can hardly be a strong witness to them if they just disregard science. Of course, this sort of attitude demonstrates an acceptance of portions of evolutionary theory, and the manifold assumptions upon which it is based. It is the halfway point between Evolution and Christianity. Now the Old Earther would never say that, and would very likely vehemently deny it. However, facts are facts. The highbrow snootiness behind Old Earther criticisms of Ken Ham are really only a symptom of having already compromised with secular materialism, even if only implicitly.
One commentator even had the audacity to suggest that evolution is "not important" enough to discuss, and that the church should not discuss it since we are not scientists. This sort of separation between church and science is itself a symptom of a deeper problem. This is the rejection of the social kingship of Christ, and the role the church takes in speaking to the issues that impact faith as subjects of that social kingship. Indeed, this sort of "logic" (and I am being most gracious in using that term for it) leads to catastrophic things. For example, abortion is a matter of medical science. Should the church not speak to the issue of abortion simply because we are not all physicians? Or again, at one time Eugenics was considered a very rational science (and might I add a science based on Evolutionary Theory), and the scientific establishments of both Europe and the United States engaged in Eugenics experimentation. Oh, and before I forget- abortion was one such Eugenics pogrom, promoted by Margaret Sanger to control the African American population.
Still, our Old Earther friends and others will say we shouldn't bother with the issue of Evolution. See the ignorance inherent in that position yet? If not, take a look at the most obvious example of Eugenics experimentation and pogroms- the Third Reich. Millions of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, the Handicapped, etc. all slaughtered either as subjects of Eugenics experiments or in an effort to cleanse the Aryan gene pool of "undesirables" and the "racially impure". And yet again, this was brought to humanity by those "not important" promoters of Evolutionary Theory. Would our friends who suggest it isn't important enough to discuss have said the same of Nazi Germany?
One must wonder. How different is such a position from that of those who made the experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele a legitimate Evolutionary scientific endeavor? The church has a responsibility to speak to issues such as Evolution, since these issues impact not just faith, but the welfare of society as a whole. If we shrug that responsibility off, or compromise with the forces of Evolutionary "science", we will find ourselves in a place we will have no escape from. And if you think that is far fetched, read the history I touched on here. Or better yet, look into Transhumanism; racial Eugenics renewed and perfected by Evolutionary science! It is on it's way. History often repeats itself. You can join those who say responding to Evolution isn't important, or not our place as Christians, or you can educate yourself enough to speak to it intelligently and help others see the errors it leads to. One of these paths might not make you the darling of your Evolution believing friends, while the other could very well lead to another fascist state engaging in experiments on the Christians whom our government already says are potential dangers to society. So I say, thank you Ken Ham! Even if I think there were better qualified to speak to the issue, YOU did it and nobody else did. It didn't make you popular with those who compromise, but it makes you a consistent and honest voice of opposition to a theory that has given birth to more evil than our Old Earther friends seem to comprehend.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eugenics As A Religion

While we hear much about the connection between National Socialism and the occult, we rarely hear about the continuing legacy of Nazi occultism and it's spread in our modern world. This peculiar brand of occultism is known as Esoteric Hiterlism, a religion of Eugenics. While its roots are certainly found in the almost fanatical devotion to Hitler himself, which was a key point of National Socialist dogma, it branched out beyond fidelity to a mere political leader, lending Hitler an undoubtedly divine status. National Socialism, for the staunchest supporter, was not simply a political philosophy. It was an entirely occult worldview that encompassed politics, science, race, ecology, religion, and family. And the ultimate goal was to establish a “Pan-Aryan” world of National Socialist paganism. While many would assume that occult dream died with the destruction of the Third Reich the truth is that this cult has continued to exist even to this very day. Strangely it gained renewed strength through the efforts of a woman of Greek heritage. No other figure of National Socialist history has done more to promote this religion of Hitler than a European born Indophile who assumed the name Savitri Devi. She is infamously known as Hitler's Priestess and the Priestess of the Black Sun. What is the Black Sun? The term itself comes from the German “Schwarze Sonne”, and variably known as the “Sonnenrad” (Sun Wheel). It is an occult symbol connected to German Neo-Paganism and racial esotericism. It can also be found as a symbol of power in the writings of Theosophist Helena Blavatsky. According to former SS member Wilhelm Landig, the Black Sun symbolizes “a substitute swastika and mystical source of energy capable of regenerating the Aryan race.” This is the very same symbol found in Wewelsburg Castle, the mystical enclave of the SS and home of Heinrich Himmler. This is the symbol of the Cult of the Black Sun.
Savitri wasn't German as one might expect of such an ardent Nazi, but French, and of Greek and English parentage. She had become obsessed with the National Socialist Party in the late 1920's as well as the Indo-European myth of colonization of India. She moved to India to immerse herself  in the culture, which she saw as the earliest manifestation of Hitler's Aryan race and the potential model for the coming Aryan Golden Age. She viewed the most rigid application of the caste system as being the natural manifestation of Aryan survival and the height of its culture. She spent the entirety of the reign of the Third Reich and of World War II in India hoping for an Axis victory, after which she and her Brahmin husband (more on him to follow) hoped to assist in the establishment of a racially pure National Socialist subcontinent. During these years she developed her own peculiar religion. In essence the cult she developed is very much akin to Theosophy, being a synthesis of Hinduism, Nordic mythology, and National Socialist racial theory that included the mythological polar origin of the Aryan race, the Vedic cyclical view of human history, and the centrality of the  incarnation of Kalki,  whom she viewed to be Hitler. She regarded the Third Reich as “the holy land of the west, the stronghold of regenerate Aryanism.” Oddly enough, this virulent racist  married Dr. Asit Krishna Mukherji, perhaps India's only true National Socialist. Mukherji was well versed in National Socialist philosophy and political theory, and from 1935-1937 he published the pro-National Socialist paper “The New Mercury”. Mukherji openly praised the Thule Society and it's influence on National Socialism and may have helped his wife form many of her mystical ideas. Savitri began writing her book on the Pharaoh Akhenaton during the war years, and even chose him as her personal deity to whom she rendered worship. Eventually she developed her own trinitarian divinity which included the Pharaoh, Genghis Khan, and Adolf Hitler.
When the Third Reich collapsed she became a National Socialist apologist throughout Europe. At one point the British occupation forces in Germany arrested her for promoting National Socialism by distributing pro-Nazi leaflets and literature. While in prison for three years she became friends with many Nazi's who were unrepentant. After her release from prison she made even more friends from among those committed Nazi's hiding in the underground such as Hans Ulrich Rudel, a much decorated Nazi fighter pilot, and the Nazi commando leader Otto Skorzeny who played a key role in maintaining a global Nazi support network. She met with many Nazi's fleeing Germany to Spain, Egypt and the Middle East and was a founding member of the World Union of National Socialists in the 1970's. She was embraced by these unrepentant Nazi's because her writings added renewed strength to the National Socialist underground by transforming what many felt was a now dead political philosophy into a spirituality of race, mythology, deep ecology, and deification of Hitler. For Savitri and other members of this cult Hitler's words in his last will and political testament were prophecy:

“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know I was right.”
Savitri might have simply faded into the shadows of a terrible neo-Nazi history if not for the work of notorious Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zundel. In 1982, this notorious Nazi published and promoted Savitri Devi and her teachings. Her writings promoted a National Socialist metaphysic that encompassed her strange mystical ideas and connections between Hitler and Akhenaten, animal rights, and “Green” ideology (with a decidedly National Socialist slant), vegetarianism, and as noted earlier, Hitler as the avatar Kalki. Kalki is an avatar of Vishnu, who in Hinduism is believed to be the final coming avatar who will destroy confusion and ignorance. Interestingly, Savitri stated that the only problem with this avatar was that he was too compassionate. In other words, in her view Hitler should have been more brutal. Essentially, she built around Hitler a mythological tapestry drawing on a variety of religious symbols that appealed not only to racist groups, but some sections of the New Age Movement, particularly those dedicated to traditional Theosophy. Her ideas actually do much to reveal the very real and deep shared connections between the spiritual background from which National Socialism sprang and the New Age Movement itself.
She viewed humanity in relationship to nature in a very impersonalist way. Nature in her view is a constant struggle of violence in which humanity had no special rights or exalted place. She stated:
“I worship impersonal nature,which is neither good or bad, and knows neither love nor hatred.”- The Pilgrimage
Oddly enough, much like Hitler, she demonstrated a very special love for animals, while exhibiting contempt for “non-Aryan” humanity, the weak, and the handicapped. She shares this in common with Himmler and Alfred Rosenberg as well, both of whom loved animals but viewed segments of human society as “unworthy of human life.” Once the crimes of the Third Reich came to light and the world learned of the Holocaust Savitri had this to say:
“A 'civilization' that makes such a ridiculous fuss about alleged 'war crimes' - acts of violence against the actual or potential enemies of one's cause - and tolerates slaughterhouses and vivisection laboratories, and circuses and the fur industry (infliction of pain upon creatures that can never be for or against any cause), does not deserve to live.”
Such was her cold concern for fellow human beings that animals were considered of more value in her philosophy.
Her book “The Impeachment of  Man” (1959) was a manifesto against the Judeo-Christian worldview. In fact, she actively worked as an “anti-missionary” in India. She toured tribal villages and engaged in arranged debates with Christian missionaries and was reportedly very successful in her efforts to keep people from converting to Christianity. This wasn't because she held some deep conviction of the truth of Hinduism, but more a reflection of her hatred for Christianity as a Jewish religion, and really as an act of deception. Commenting on this she said, “From the racist Aryan viewpoint, it was necessary to give the most backward and degenerate aborigines a false Hindu consciousness.” For her, keeping these people Hindu meant that they would eventually be easily assimilated into a National Socialist society as a slave class. A repugnant opinion at best.
She eventually took to traveling across Europe, speaking at gatherings of white supremacists and National Socialists, extolling the virtues of “Aryan purity”, dedication to Hitler as the “man against time” (a phrase denoting his divine authority to defy the ages), and the Nazi mantra of “blood and soil”. Finally in 1982 the priestess of the Black Sun died in the home of a friend preparing for a speaking tour of National Socialist groups in America. But this was not to be the end of the cult for which she was the primary apostle. It would continue to grow and gather followers throughout the world. Today this same philosophy lives on, albeit in a very modified form, in the Transhumanist Movement.